Nilufer Damali Foundation

For Education, Culture And Environmental 
Nilufer Damalı was born in Mitroviche close to Selonika, an Ottoman city of the time, in 1910. During the Balkan war her family had to immigrate to Anatolia and settled in Sivas. In 1928 she graduated from the Sivas Girls’ School for Teachers. She started her teaching career during the early years of the Republic. In 1938, she married Ercüment Damalı Member of Parliament representing Sivas and had to leave her teaching career devoting herself to her family and five children. She died in 1979, in Ankara.

What Inspired The Establishment of Nilufer Foundation?
Throughout her teaching career which she loved, Nilufer Damalı contributed to the education of the youth of the early Republic era. For Nilufer Damalı, education was the path for the development of the nation. The foundation was formed in 1997 in the memory of this woman who devoted her life to her pupils and her children to whom she passed her faith and her ideals for progress through education. Our goal is to continue where she left.

Communities, very much like trees, will have a healthy growth only if the roots are strong. We believe that education, culture and environmental awareness are what keep the roots healthy.

With the funds donated by the founders and contributors Nilufer Foundation has already started several modest projects.

Educational Activities
Halide Edip Primary School situated at Pasabahçe district of Istanbul could not provide a library to its 800 pupils. With cooperation from the Administration of the School who agreed to provide a hall for this purpose, we have succeeded in equipping a modern library.

Realizing the difficulties the vision impaired students are facing at the university level, Nilüfer Foundation decided to realize projects to aid these students. Since 1999 the foundation is giving scholarship to all of the vision impaired students in the Middle East Technical University, Ankara. This year the project is being extended to cover 7 additional universities in Turkey.

Cultural Activities
It has always been the custom in Anatolia to give sweets and coins to children inside silk commemorative handkerchiefs as presents during religious festivities. Nilüfer Damalı had a collection of several such handkerchiefs, one of which had the map of old Sivas. Inspired by this collection, the Foundation is continuing to expand this collection through pieces acquired from diverse sources. We hope that this interesting collection which documents the major events of our near history will be exhibited to the public in near future.

Environment Painting Competiotion At Primery School Level
We all know that conservation starts with awareness. To promote environmental awareness among children, Nilüfer Foundation organized a painting competition on the subject of ‘our environment’.

Promotional Activities
For promotion of the Foundation and to generate funds for our activities, we have prepared re-prints of post cards of early Republic for the promotion of modern education and women’s rights which are issues very strongly supported by Nilüfer Foundation. Also the paintings that have won various awards in the Environment Painting Competition have been printed as post cards.

Publishing Activities
Nilufer Foundation started publishing a series of books related to the collectibles of various subjects. Among them “150 States, 1500 Sultans” written in Turkish by Dr. Atom Damali has been a reference book in Islamic numismatics. The second book of the series has been “Social Aid Stamp Catalogue” of the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic. The recent book which is printed in English and Turkish is named as “Ottoman – Crete Relations – Sultan’s Fete” which describes the Ottoman – Crete and Greece relations throughout history taking into consideration various collectibles as coins, medals, stamps, postcards etc. Considering the resemblance of Cyprus and Crete relations, this book is expected to give light to coming progress on the Cyprus issue.